Bonjour les filles, it’s Vinh and I’m running Anime Business, a website and a Youtube channel about anime. But not the same one as you’re used to watch : no seasonal previews or reviews, but the corporate side of it.

In each video, I analyse an anime, a company or people and uncover every buisness tool involved in the process (marketing, strategy, sales techniques). By doing that, you’re going understand how anime industry really works (a.k.a to seek money and not to satisfy critics), but not only.

Maybe you want to be a content creator, whether it’s youtuber, digital artist or cosplayer. And I cannot blame you (and so should the others) : you are talking about your passion and you get PAID for this.

But I’m going to disappoint you (as I like to do) :


Because to become a creator, you must establish a company. And nobody can teach you how to run a business. With my channel, I want you to learn some business lessons by analyzing successful products, companies or people.

This website is here to tell my journey with you : how I work, the lessons I learnt, the reviews of my video… (and not for SEO purpose)

So what can I say more ? Well, I think I’ve finished. So if you read this page and want to follow my adventures, subscribe to my youtube channel and bookmark the website.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget “Anime is an art, but also a Business”.

A la prochaine, les filles.

For those who ask the question, “fille” can be translated as G.I.R.L (Guy In Real Life) 😉