I’m watching anime since my 11. I can still remember that time where I shutted in my room, watching every ecchi animes I could (don’t judge me). But sometimes, I got some “fresh” air with anime conventions.

And in cons, my most favorite place is the artist’s corner. Alleys filled with self-made goodies, lovely feminine sellers and burning passion. I always admired them because they do something I’m unable to do. Give a pen and you will have this :

I swear I put efforts !

And this is not all I can’t do. I can’t do sewing, crafting or acting for example. That’s why I love anime content creators and try to help them as much as I can : buy their merch, meet them and advise them.

But despite being so different, you and I share the same dream : live from this passion called anime. Spending all day to do what we love, talk about it and get paid for that. 

But most importantly, you want to be free. Free from a boring job, balant people and unhappiness. You want to make exciting projects, meet inspiring people and take pleasure of your new routine.

So you’re grinding as hell :  you take tips, put insane hours of work and post content. And guess what happens ? 


But everyone starts from nothing. So we take MORE tips, put MORE insane hours of work and post MORE content. 


Still nothing

And that can continue until you finally break out. But since you need to eat, you ended up “coming back to reality”. You wake up at 7, take the overcrowded train to go to your boring job.

You finally ask yourself that the ones who succeed had luck, better opportunities. Before, you idolize them ; now, you dissed them.

Depressing, right ?

So, what went wrong ?

To tell the truth : your idols LIED to you.

Of course, I don’t tell that they manipulated you, just they don’t understand their own success. When you ask them for advices to succeed, they always tell you one of this three lines:

  • “Do you what you like, views will follow”
  • “Make content you want to see”
  • “It’s a matter of mindset”

When you listen to them, you feel like success is not that difficult to reach. You just make content you like, post it and repeat it until you get your million subs. All is a matter of mindset and perseverance.

But this is not that easy, because you will have to learn how to run a business. Hopefully, there are people who can help you.

You must have seen these “millionaires” in tuxedo with their fancy car in Instagram or Facebook. They told you how shitty their life was, before becoming rich. And you’re lucky : they will “teach” you how they did it if you buy their $1000 course. 

I’m gonna spoil you : these courses are nothing more than “resetting your mindset” or “Follow X like a retard and you will be rich”. They are scams, they make you dream, not make you BUILDING your dream.

“Here’s my garage” – The most famous ad ever

So your family, colleagues or friends must be right : these people were just lucky. “Live from drawing ?” You should stop losing your time and doing more useful things. 

But you can’t. You feel that is possible. After all these “lucky bastards” were like you. They were anime fans and some day, they made the leap. They believe in themselves and finally, succeed.

So, what did they do differently ?

Nobody cares about your passion.

You find Kimetsu no Yaiba good. And ? We don’t give a damn about it. Because you are a random fan like the others. If you want to be heard, you must talk differently from the plebia. 

Successful creators have something others don’t have :


Writing, crafting, drawing among many others. And they became so good they can’t be ignored anymore. Whatever you are in the world, you can recognize stunning creations.

Mastering these skills requires thousands of hours.

So stop procrastinating and go to work.

But these technical skills are not enough. Yes, there are essential but there are not the only ones. Actually, nobody talks about them because we underestimate their impact.

You also need to master business skills.

  • Strategy : How to reach your goals ?
  • Marketing : How to understand people and give what they want ?
  • Networking : How to reach your peers and make sustainable partnerships (and even friendships) ?

And there are only a few of them.

Yes, this is boring, incomprehensible and a pain in the ass but you don’t have the choice. If you have began in 2010, your sole passion could’ve been enough: there was nobody on the Internet. 

But 10 years later, we’re flooded by new content everyday. We don’t have time to see everything, so we have to pick the most valuable content and fastly. This is what algorithms do : pick and gather content we want to see.

No matter how hard you worked on your works, people won’t care if you don’t push it. People aren’t stupid : they know how to recognize valuable content. But if people haven’t the chance to see it, you could never know if they would like your work.

So, what should you do ? LEARN

So, for those who are reading me, if you want to live from your passion, technical skills are not enough. You must master business skills. But what are you supposed to do ?

You can read every book about entrepreneurship, watch many tutorials or ask advice from everyone. But these lessons are never applied raw : each creator uses them with their own twist.

So what you can do to sharpen your business sense is that. Take a work from your favorite creator and study the process :

  • How did he/she reach this result ?
  • Why did he/she decide to do it this way instead of other ones ?
  • Who is their audience ? What do they like ? What else do they watch ?
  • How can you be different from hime/her ?

Answering these questions will devellop two skills : curiosity and empathy.

Yes, it’s going to be scary. Yes, it’s going to be tough. Yes, you will have some hate. But if you manage to help people, it’s a small price to pay.

Anime community needs people who can drawing, voice acting, cosplaying, writing, marketing, copywriting. But we need one people more than anyone else : you.

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